Wednesday, May 20, 2009

To boldly split infinitives

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I have tried my best not to get too excited about it.

Ever since I heard about this new Star Trek movie, I've been telling myself, "They're gonna mess it up. It will be another one of those typical summer-blockbuster mentality movies: All whiz-bang and no substance."

Well, I've been nurturing a some nerds of my own for the last 10 years in preparation for the movie event of their generation. And whaddya know? This one's it!

From the opening scene to the closing words and those familiar chords that tug any self-respecting nerd's heartstrings, it was a real winner of a Star Trek movie, despite what some other hard cores are saying, and despite it being the 11th movie in the series of Star Trek - breaking the odd-numbered movie curse.

Rachael leaned against me for the entire movie, gripping my hand during the intense moments and uttering squeals of delight for the Trekkie humor. Her review of the movie was obvious to me even before it was over: "Daddy, that movie was AWESOME!"