Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Free to Comment

I find it troubling when intelligent discussion is stifled by emotions.

We're all human and often victims to the irrationality of our own inner voices, but that doesn't mean we should stop communicating. I don't know anyone that *wants* to be wrong, but we can't all be right either.

So if you feel that your voice isn't being given a fair hearing somewhere else, then feel free to express yourself right here.

I will leave your post intact, but with the following three caveats:

  1. Do not be vulgar or profane. If you can't express yourself without it, then cool off and come back later.
  2. Do not post slander here. If you want to be rude or get yourself into legal trouble then make your own blog.
  3. Do not abuse my hospitality. This blog post is for commentary that you feel would otherwise be stifled - not a bathroom wall for unintelligible or esoteric gibberish.
With that, I welcome your comments...